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DNA and Genealogy
Understanding the Legacy Left by Your Ancestors

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DNA and Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD and Andrew Yeiser     DNA & Genealogy
    by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD & Andrew Yeiser

To understand your own health and well being you must understand the health of your ancestors. But who were your ancestors? How did they live? What legacy have they left for future generations? Are there long lost cousins out there who could provide you with missing pieces to your family's health-puzzle?

Genetic genealogy is one of the most important and most innovative ways to answer these questions. Once the domain of high tech research laboratories, DNA testing is now easy and affordable for people interested in their family heritage. A simple swab of the inside of the cheek may connect you with long-forgotten relatives who have important knowledge about family health and longevity, both now and in the past.

Because genetic genealogy uses so-called "junk-DNA", that is, DNA with no known medical significance, you can be tested with no concern over medical use of your results or interest from insurance companies. Test results do not directly reveal medical conditions, but they can establish a connection for you with others who share a common ancestry.

Over 300,000 people have been tested for genealogical purposes, many of whom have posted their results in online public databases looking for matches. Most of these have been DNA tested by joining a surname study, which affords a group discount and ready access to the group you will have the highest probability of matching with. Being a member of a surname study also provides you with a forum for ready answers to your DNA questions.

DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD and Andrew Yeiser, is an easy-to-understand guide to what DNA is and how it is useful in discovering your ancestry. DNA & Genealogy provides information on how to find and join a surname study, and what to expect from your results. DNA & Genealogy contains entertaining sidebars of "DNA in the News" and "Weird DNA Stories" to give a broader insight into what DNA is and a number of ways it is used in modern medicine and the forensic sciences.

If you are interested in the learning about the newest way to trace your family heritage, DNA & Genealogy is for you!

DNA and Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD and Andrew Yeiser
DNA & Genealogy
by Colleen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser
Available at TheFamilyHistoryStore.com

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